Why Buy - Trust Customer Satisfaction Advantages of Techno-B UK


Reliability and low power consumption

Efficiency, low noise, low power consumption.

Efficiency, reliability, low noise, low power consumption and attention to the new refrigerants with reduced environmental impact.

The special product design, the quality in manufacturing and in materials ensure high performances to Techno-B products, without sacrificing the attention to the energy consumption.

Incomparable service

A fast and timely delivery? It's only the beginning.

Our work does not stop at the delivery of the refrigerating systems.

Techno-B offers a first class technical support service, as well as provides the own know-how for the development of custom solution.

Modular design

Modern designs, high efficiency.

During the design phase, Techno-B adopts modern principles of modular design, to reduce inefficiencies and facilitate installation and maintenance.

Ease of use

Easy, intuitive, immediate.

The electronic instruments of Techno-B, through an easy and intuitive use, have been studied to allow you to work at the best!

Italian engineering

A young company, but with several years of experience in refrigeration industry.

Techno-B is structured to achieve a particular balance between industrial efficiency and attention to the detail. In this way we can offer highly competitive solutions with high manufacturing quality and propose innovative custom solutions.

Choice of materials

Manufacturing process and quality of materials represent an important role for the success of Techno-B.

Manufacturing process and quality of materials represent an important role for the success of Techno-B.

High quality and reliability materials: a leading profile choice to bring significant advantages in performance, reliability and low-noise operation of the product.

Simple installation

Easy and intuitive installation procedures for a quick commissioning and without waste of time.

For that reason, Techno-B refrigerating systems are regularly chosen by installers all around the world, confident to count on a constructively solid and reliable product, designed to meet the increasingly strictest demands of the modern market.

A complete range for all needs

Each customer tells an exclusive story, a different need.

Considering all customer demands, Techno-B has developed a range of standard products for a wide view of technical solutions, from the smallest to largest retailers, maintaining an ability in custom development without any rival in our field!