About Us


Techno-B is a young company established in 2011, which can already count on many years of well-established experience in industrial refrigeration field. A team of more than 20 people linked by passion and dedication for an industry changing all the time.

With its headquarters in Luzzara, near Reggio Emilia, Techno-B is placed in the “cold pole”, an area historically known and renowned for the refrigeration units production since the early 1970s. Our company is part of a history we are proud of and we’d like to continue in the coming years.

We are proud to announce our opening of Distribution in United Kingdom

Techno-B offers a complete range of refrigeration systems that includes through-the-wall monoblock units, roof-top units, floor systems, condensers, evaporators and heat pumps.

All our products have been born after a careful product design and they are the result of best “made in Italy” technology while ensuring an excellent value for money.

The numbers are the proof: in just five years Techno-B has sold over 10,000 refrigerating units.

A specially custom service is available and accompany the offer. We are able to draw fully customized solutions and to adapt specific requirements for every type of installation.

Reliability and fast deliveries are among our main strengths: Techno-B uses a network of distributors placed in more than 30 countries. A service characterized by an extreme professionalism that accompanies an excellent product from the technological point of view.

Technological innovation is constantly accompanied by a continuous research for “green” solutions refrigerants. For our refrigeration systems and for our heat pumps, we only use refrigerants less harmful to the environment, aware that a continuous growth path in this regard is essential and necessary.

Long-term objective of Techno-B is the providing of a state-of-the-art product in every aspect. The technological implementation of the production stations is just the latest measure in order of time. We want to grow together with our customers and we know we can do it.